The Mission

Society as we know it is broken.  The injustices run rampant through multiple avenues and situations daily.  This podcast is for the wrongfully wronged.  This podcast is intended to be a Menace to what is WRONG with Society today.  We are not here to be “Narrative Warriors” – We are here to be TRUTH Warriors.  Narratives pushed by attention seeking entities, structural norms, injustice abusers, and misguided mobs are dangerous to everyone.  We aim to address injustices that happen because society has developed a culture of acceptance and a dangerous routine.  “That’s the way it works” is an extremely hazardous norm in society today and it’s time that it is not accepted.  It is time we band together and become a menace to society… more specifically, what society has become today.

Our Story

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Meet the Team

Podcast Regulars & Additional Hosts. 


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