July 13, 2019

Beyond the Show 002 – SEC, Big 12, Ohio State, Recruiting

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  1. Pat says:

    Kind of a funny personal story on how I briefly met Gerald McCoy Sr. (Gerald McCoy’s dad) :

    So I was still active duty in the Navy back in 2016 I believe and I was standing my watch at the end of the pier, called the ECP (Entry Control Point) in Norfolk. An older gentleman approaches our post after parking nearby with his family members. This guy is just absolutely hyped up and jubilant. He asks “if you don’t mind me asking “Sir, are those ships over there, like… REAL ships? Like ACTIVE right now?? To which I of course said yes sir. He just absolutely lit up, shook my hand so hard I thought he was going to tear my arm off “Oh man that is just SO DAMN COOL man!”
    Like this dude is, I dont want to say star-struck persay, but he is elated to be standing there. You don’t run into too much of that in a naval town like Norfolk, so i was somewhat perplexed at this point. Of course I am also still trying to maintain my military bearing and proper watch while i am thinking some guy is just overly excited. He sticks around for a few more minutes to chat, I entertain what I can of course, he’s still enthusiastic and tells me a little bit of what was bringing him and his family to the 757. (don’t completely recall the reason he gave) Then he hits me with “You a football fan? You might have heard of my son!” And I was like “what?! No wayyy” (was skeptical at first) and how he had to get back down to Tampa soon.
    So after a little bit of football talk, he shook my hand again, thanked me for my service, wished him a safe trip and luck to his son and how I thought the Buccaneers would be competitive again soon. (I was clearly wrong about that) and he went on his way.
    I was like wow, he wouldn’t just randomly lie about that sort of thing, but was still somewhat skeptical. So I did a Google search for Gerald Mccoy Father shortly after I got relieved and sure the hell enough there was a couple pictures and he was indeed NOT lying…. LOL just one of the strangest random encounters I’ve ever experienced.
    He couldn’t have been a nicer guy honestly, and what you spoke of Gerald on your recent Q&A reminded me of that little “encounter” with his dad. And just in those 5 or 10 minutes of speaking to him and, I was really intrigued me on how his son could be as a person. Sorry for the long message but that is basically all it was was, to corroborate your words on Mccoy based on my very brief experience talking to his dad.

    If you reply with TLDR on this, totally understand

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