June 3, 2019

Ep #003 – Adidas, Recruiting, Urban Meyer, Working for an ELITE Boss, Q&A, 2012 Season and “The Chase”


  1. Tom Geiger says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. Will definitely be back for #4. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jason Wolford says:

    Which school or schools were the worst at negative recruiting towards Ohio State?

  3. Scott Sable says:

    Love this podcast. Can’t wait for when you go to twice a week!

  4. William Mills says:

    Years ago I saw Earle at an airport in Iowa with his team. There he was bigger than life wearing his fadora. I got the courage and introduced myself. I told him I am from Cbus and a buckeye fan. He lit up and spent 20 minutes with me treating me like we were friends for years. Telling me how much he loved the Buckeyes. I will never forget that day, what a quality person!

  5. Gary says:

    Why is Ed Warinner renowned as an ELITE o line coach specifically as a communicator if you claim he can’t verbalize plays. Coach sabans teams have been known for great d lines and they got worked by warinners line in that 2014 Alabama game you referenced. Ed’s o lines won games by dominating up front so it just doesn’t add up

  6. john velchoff says:

    were you around florida for the gator stomp in 2007 at the cocktail party? can you comment?

    good show. surprisingly top notch

    by the way, clemson isn’t the recruiting juggernaut you eluded to. typically second tier of the the top ten and many times not in it over the last ten years

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