June 24, 2019

Ep #008 – Recruiting Visits, Cam Newton, Dan Mullen, Urban’s USC Staff and MORE


  1. Adam C says:

    Get those Butt-hurt Bert McMurphy shirts out!

    1. Ben says:

      Why hasn’t Bert McMuffin looked into the PED scandal at Clemson? What do you know about “Lil’ ‘Ol Clemson” Zach?

  2. Matt Cordes says:

    So if Urban were to take the coaching job at USC and hire the staff you talked about, who do you think Ohio State would go after to replace Alford, Dennis, Pantoni, and Marotti. To replace Marotti I would love to see the bucks bring back an ex buckeye in Anthony Schlegel who did learn under Marotti for a season on the coaching staff and the dude is jacked and would be the kind of guy the players would want to run through a wall for.

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