July 2, 2019

Ep #010 – Top 10 Underrated Players, 14 OSU vs 08 UF, Luke Fickell, Recruiting


  1. BrowardBuck says:

    Love the podcast and listen to every episode. I’ve now heard you pimp 247 twice and I’m not sure why, considering you don’t like some of the people there. The national guys are okay. The only truly good guy they have on the Ohio State 247 site is Bill Greene. There are better sites/people out there to pimp on recruiting services. Give some airtime to Marc Givler at the Ohio State Rivals site. I know you’ve already gave love to Birm at Letterman Row. Just so much better recruiting services info related to Ohio State other than 247.

  2. Logan Steele says:

    Love the show!
    I got two questions
    1. What’s the absolute worst recruiting pitch you’ve heard throughout the year recruiting players?
    2. What’s you’re feeling of Justin fields now, and what’s the best and worst outcome with him and Ryan day teaming up together?

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